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Last weekend was the Phoenix Comicon. The convention has come a long way from its humble origins in a hotel ballroom. Now it’s three floors in a convention center. The convention is nowhere near the size and exclusivity of the San Diego one, but that’s a plus. The prices (and costs) aren’t as whopping.  There aren’t so many of the big league outfits and plenty of small ones, the up-and-coming, and those who are starting out.  Game makers, video producers, writers.  Maybe it’s because of my private-sector experience, but it’s the little guys and the start-ups that got most of my attention and supprt  I volunteered to help a couple of guys from a gaming company haul their goodie-bags from the parking lot three blocks to the convention center. Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture. Billy, if you’re reading this – please send me one.

Saturday is the day the “Stars” show up.  William Shatner “makes bank” at these things. $80 for a photo op (sold out), $80 for an autograph (packed), $275 for a meeting (ballroom, ~1000 capacity, full.) The autograph table business (cash only) was booming Even Wil Wheaton had a friggin’ line at his table. I think I’d have preferred to get even Ed Asner’s instead. There were also all sorts of lesser lights as well.  I met Vernon Wells. We have something in common – we both worked on the same movie, tho mine was an infinitesimal and consulting/technical one, related to a robotic arm.

As with San Diego and many other comic-conventions, there’s  Costumes.






There were some phenomenal costumes and many I couldn’t get pictures of.  Lots of time, money and thought went into them (though Abe said he only spent fifteen bucks and a month of not-shaving for his)  But as Abe Lincoln the Vampire Slayer said, “It’s the one time of year that people get a chance to really show off their ‘Crazy'”.  I regret not getting more photos, especially of the Steampunk crowd. But it’s hard to handle a camera in a mob of people and keep an eye on a gaggle of teen girls (part of the price of being allowed to go to the shindig).

The media estimated that there would be be about 120,000 attendees over the weekend. There were probably that many on Saturday.

Guess people want an opportunity to forget, even if just for a day.


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May 31, 2012 at 18:53

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