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They paved Paradise in 1970

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This week, they painted its speed-bumps.

The Professor figured it was to comply with some sort of regulation. Someone else mused that the late-evening art-gallery-with-lots-of-wine crowd had complained that they couldn’t see the bumps and they were trashing the suspensions of their Priuses as they left.  One of the resident stoners said “They painted them?”

They did. Sorta.   We figured one guy with a roller, early in the morning. Two, maybe, if the contractor wasn’t too particular about who worked for him.

Slap down a coat of paint to comply with the law; do a quick job of it as well.

But don’t fix the potholes.

There’s a metaphor for California in that somewhere.


Written by PappyBro

April 15, 2012 at 11:36

Posted in Musings, The Mojave

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