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According to the Weather Gurus, we are expecting a 30-percent chance of snow “at the higher elevations”.

This, of course alarms the rock-climbers and other touristas staying in The Park’s campgrounds. Most of these are fairly remote and even more primitive. So they’re ‘driving’ their rented RVs into town and moving into the motels. By ‘driving’, I mean like the skipper of the Exxon Valdez conned his ship. With nearly the same results, minus the oil-soaked birds.

On the way home, traffic was backed up a mile due to one massive RV after pulling out into cross-traffic and being center-punched by (likely) a local. The former obviously secure in his knowledge of the Law of Gross Tonnage, the latter obeying the Desert Driving Rule #1: “get from remote Point A to remote point B in the shortest amount of time (and they’re all remote points).” The CHP and Sherrif’s department, obviously bored, decided to bring in every cruiser available within a ten-mile radius to add to the fun. And I won’t mention the helpful Caltrans truck, who spent fifteen minutes backing and filing in order to find just the right spot to park and turn on its arrow sign. The same sign that was ignored by the locals following Desert Driving Rule #17: “Merging early is for suckers.”

In Downtown Joshua Tree, it started raining just as another Winnebago Wonder decided to make a U-turn off the state highway to head back east, using the entrance of a cross street between all four of the most popular evening restaurants in Joshua Tree. The street, of course, also occupied by those who had already gotten their motel rooms and were frantically trying to locate parking spaces for their tiny, tow-along cars or their RVs.

The bright side is that these few brief months of late winter and early spring are when the merchants, the restaurants, the lone saloon make their money, so they can stay open the rest of the year for the convenience of us who live here year-round. Who, by any stretch of the imagination, are not to be confused with ‘locals’.


Written by PappyBro

February 27, 2012 at 18:59

Posted in Musings, The Mojave

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