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Snowy posted this over at the Rantburg O-Club:

It brought back memories of the year I co-op’ed for my degree. I worked with a robotics engineer who pioneered applying sealants and adhesives inside an auto body moving on the assembly line, among other things. The same guy who had a Wasp engine on a stand in his office (where he slept in for days on end).

Part of my job was to drive to work to check on Bernie on the weekend (no movie jokes, please), make sure he ate, keep the restaurant sized coffee urn full, and bring him clean clothes (the company had his stuff sent to a local laundry). The other parts were to record his notes (including taking pictures of the whiteboards), play lab assistant, and act as the sounding board/tinder.

A completely and utterly mad genius- in a good way. It was a wild ride. One of the times I regret not having been able to stay in the automation industry.


Written by PappyBro

February 3, 2012 at 19:09

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