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Black Raven

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Presented by a poster at Rantburg’s O-Club.

A bit of research shows that it’s an old Don Cossack folk song, Chyorny Voron, that became very popular in Russian folk music.

It’s rather historically appropriate that this video uses a WII theme. There were expatriate Cossack units in the German Army. They fought not so much for Germany as against the Soviet Union. Of them, the Don Cossacks were the largest percentage. Many Cossacks had fought alonside the White Russians; they later suffered greatly under the Bolsheviks and subsequent Soviet regimes.

‘Black Ravens’ were also the nickname given to vehicles used by the NKVD.

One of a multitude of translations:

Black raven, black raven,
why do you circle overhead?
can’t you wait your spoils,
black raven, I’m not yours!

Why do you spread your talons
over my head?
or do you hope for your spoils?
black raven, I’m not yours!

I’ll bind my mortal wound
with my kerchief, a gift to me,
and then we will
discuss the matter.

Fly to my place,
tell my mum,
you tell my kind one,
that for the motherland I fell.

Carry my bloody kerchief
to my dear true-love.
tell her – she is free,
I have married another.

I’ve taken a quiet-unassuming bride
in an empty field under the shrubs,
The matron has been crowned –
My lively sabre.

The unerring arrow has crowned too,
amidst the fateful battle.
I can see my death approaching,
black raven, I’m all yours.


Written by PappyBro

September 14, 2011 at 19:44

Posted in Media, Music, Musings, Politix

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