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A Prelude to Winter

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Some assistant professor of history at Rutgers University writes in the Atlantic that the US Fifth Fleet should disband. “We did just fine” before it was around, it’s a political liability, we can rush assets to the Gulf from outside the region, it costs too much money, it’s giving license to the Saudis and Bahrain monarchies to avoid the ‘Arab Spring’, etc.

When I was taught how to write position papers, it was beaten into me to “put what you really want to say or want towards the end”:

Just as we have acknowledged that the status quo must end in Egypt, Libya, and Yemen, it may be time to match up American values to interests in the Persian Gulf. And that means and engaging with the people of the region, rather than the tyrants who terrorize them. The Fifth Fleet serves only to empower — and increase our reliance on — the latter.

Funny how “American values” seem to have been conveniently forgotten when it comes to things like the U.S. economy.

The only time the associate-professor mentions Iran as a threat is in the context of controlling oil resources, a threat which he immediately discounts. No mention of any other particular form of threat – nothing about Iran’s stirring up of Shiite populations in the region, its Al Quds Force, its nuclear ambitions, its support of the nuclear and political ambitions of other despotic regimes like Syria and North Korea.

The idea that “it may be time for the U.S. to reconsider its largest commitment to the Bahraini monarchy” sort of brings back the heady-for-the-Left days of the 70s when the same was said for the regimes in Southeast Asia. Wonder if the dear assistant professor of history remembers that aftermath. We won’t even touch on the so-called “Arab Spring”, which hasn’t yet proven itself to be a liberation for its population or a “force for moderation”. It may just as likely turn out to be an Indian Summer, with a long and killing winter to follow.

Between this flup* and editor Meghan McCardles’ near-religious devotion to Rep. Weiner, the D.C.-based Atlantic is really going off the deep end. A sad, sorry route from when it was a Boston based literary rag for the left-leaning New Englander.

* Ringworld reference


Written by PappyBro

June 12, 2011 at 16:53

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