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A Fire in the Mojave, Part 3

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Police used DNA evidence to identify a murder victim who was first shot and then set on fire after someone dumped his body in Redlands in February [2010]. Police found the body on fire Feb. 23 in a dirt field off of Reservoir Road near the I-10 freeway. Detectives tried different methods to identify the victim. Investigators identified the victim Dec. 9 using DNA evidence.

The body was that of a a 49 year old white male who, according to Redlands police, “lived in the Bloomington and Fontana areas”. The DNA evidence was was matched to ‘databases’. The deceased, according to news reports, apparently was a loner estranged from family, no stranger to the legal system, and had been involved in drugs. He had a $60K outstanding warrant for “possession of a controlled substance”. Nobody had reported the man missing. The 1992 red Volkswagen Jetta he’d been driving was found abandoned two days later (February 25th), on Rim of the World Highway, north of San Bernardino.

Kudos to the Redlands Police. But the ten months it took for identification underscores the difficulty, even with a white guy with traceable links within the government and legal systems.

Ten months.

Imagine now a sheriff’s department in one of the largest counties in the U.S., with an unknown Hispanic female also found dead and burning a mile from the sheriff’s station on CA Route 62, whose only known features are unusual teeth and a pair of red earrings…


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December 31, 2010 at 12:34

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