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A cascade of failures?

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I don’t take as gospel that this Fall’s elections will be a “sweep”, a “political bloodbath” or “a massacre”. There’s still thirty days and that’s a lot of time to prepare and deploy the political equivalent of suicide bombers. The infrastructure that engineered the victory of 2008 and got the recent big-idea-plans placed into law is also still around.

But I think there are points of failure showing up in the political system. Moderate and squishy Democrats are fighting for their political lives, running ads and taking campaign positions that often portray them as something they weren’t during their Washington tour. Even the long-term Senator Boxer managed not to be at a fundraiser for her campaign, where the President was. The Tea Party is engaged in a political war with the Grand Old Party and its hangers-on. The Democrats and their camp-followers, who, despite their political nimbleness just two years ago, wrecked any chance of co-opting the group.

When failures are not dealt with, they tend to beget more. It’s slowly becoming a cascade of failures. Both parties and their establishment pundits now realize the Tea Party movement, for better or worse, has grown beyond the “cranks-coots-and-crackers” label pasted on it. And the Democrats are now facing their own and growing problem: open dissent, defiance, and outright defection of Progressives.

I’m not sure where this will all lead. I’m not sure it’ll mean a hard political shift of the Republicans and Democrat parties. It might mean the splintering of the Parties. Or it could mean the rise in influence of existing an third party like the Greens. It might mean the establishment (for lack of a better word) of more amorphous political movements.

Or in my cynical viewpoint, it might mean that those with drive, savvy, a keen sense of the political winds, ruthlessness, and avarice for power could take over.

William Jefferson Clinton might not become a one-off.


Written by PappyBro

October 1, 2010 at 19:59

Posted in Media, National, Politix

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