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Another Great Moment in Connecticut Literature

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It was a dark and stormy night at the Washington Navy Yard. It was December. The wind was strong, its icy howl nearly masking the burble of the PBR’s engines, the Doors’ “The End ” playing on a sailor’s radio, and the low-voices curses of the crew as they struggled to bring the tiger-striped-camouflaged bags stenciled ‘Mattel’ aboard the heaving craft. One bag caught the barrel of a .50 cal machine gun, spilling boxes of “Flight Stewardess” Barbies onto the olive-green, fiberglass deck.

Boatswain’s Chief Jones, a burly African-American, looked at the pile of sacks, scratched his bare chest under his flack jacket and spit around his cigar through the snow, into the dark waters of the Potomac. He surveyed me sourly, clearly not enthused at having a prime example of a Marine Corps reservist in dress blues on his boat..

– excerpt from Richard Blumenthal’s memoir, “Heart of Politics”


Written by PappyBro

August 23, 2010 at 18:26

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