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Something of note from an Alaskan friend:

A Swedish man has been handed a £650,000 speeding fine – believed to be the world’s largest ever – while driving Switzerland. Traffic police pulled the 37-year-old driver over on the A12 highway between Bern and Lausanne, when he was seen traveling at two and half times the speed limit in his £140,000 Mercedes-Benz SLS. The speed limit on Switzerland’s motorways is 74.5mph (120km/h). The Mercedes-Benz SLS supercar in which the Swedish driver was caught is capable of a 197mph maximum speed. Prosecutors claim that he was caught driving close to 186mph (300km/h), the fastest anyone has ever been clocked for speeding in Switzerland. He avoided being snapped by numerous speed traps as he was traveling at speeds in excess of 125mph (200kph), which is too fast for the cameras to function correctly. Traffic police on the scene claimed that he needed over half a kilometer of road to stop the car.

Heh. Memory time.

Scene: Interstate 8 in AZ, 10 or so miles west of Casa Grande in 1991. Speed of ~150mph, in a freshly-shopped 1987 RX-7 Turbo II with a full tank of premium. Would’ve been the max of 160, but I had the headlights up and on high. Raced along for 15 miles, then crawled the rest of the way; made it to Gila Bend nearly on fumes.

The Swedish dude was 37? Yeah, that’s the age ‘ya ought know better’. I was 34, and never did it again.

One motorgasm in a life is enough.


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August 12, 2010 at 19:38

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