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Life in the Mojave, Part 7

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It’s that time of year for the brief season known as Desert Road Resurfacing. According to a civil engineering friend, too early and it’s too cold to spread properly and adhere. Too warm and it doesn’t set up right (think ‘asphalt soup’).

Basically resurfacing out here involves laying a ‘skim coat’ of gravel and an asphalt/oil slurry to the existing road, either by laying down the slurry and embedding the gravel into it, or as a mixture. This year, they used the latter. However, they 1) went with a private contractor instead of CalTrans and 2) sealed the numerous cracks before applying the coating. Hopefully this time it’ll survive the monsoon season, where the rushing water tends to peel off layers of the schtuff and creates potential windshield-shattering missiles.

And unlike the freeways as you get closer to L.A., there’s none of these every 500 feet:


Written by PappyBro

June 12, 2010 at 14:04

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