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Life and Death in the Mojave

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robergeJoshua_signThere’s a lot to be said about the bright side of living in the Mojave. The scenery draws in artists,  photographers,  movie-makers, philosophers, rock climbers, et cetera. Like Rob Roberge said:

People come out to Joshua Tree for many reasons, but the major ones are: to go to the national park, to be in the presence of so much beauty and peace and quiet, to spot UFO’s at Giant Rock, to scout the best location for their new meth lab (the city’s a better bet, for you Junior Achieving Speed freaks out there), and to do what we do in the staggering heat of our porch: Nothing much.

There’s also a lot on the dark side. Among them is the propensity for the human denizens (and visitors) of the Mojave to chemically incapacitate themselves. Sometimes they just manage to kill themselves, say by ingesting hallucinogenics and wandering off into the rock formations at The Park.  Worse is when they decide to go for a drive.

The latest one unfortunately involved a driver high on meds and inhalants killing a Brazilian fashion photographer just outside the Joshua Tree Inn (where Gram Parsons died from an overdose in Room 8 back on September 18, 1973).  I’d passed the photo-shoot about fifteen minutes earlier.

It’s the third-DUI related fatality on CA 62 that I know of this year.


Written by PappyBro

September 19, 2009 at 11:09

Posted in The Mojave

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