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Life in the Mojave, Part 3 (a.k.a. The Sunday Morning Players)

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ca-062_eb_07Sunday morning is Laundry Fest. There are two places to do laundry. One,  located in western part of the Big Town between a doughnut shop and a carniceria, is cheaper but dingy.  It also seems to get frequent visits by both the Basin’s transient population, and the county sheriff deputies. The former come to get cleaned up (physically and clothing-wise) and the latter to ask the transients about runaways or to pick up the occasional parole violator.

The other place is in Next to the Park.  It’s more expensive, but the place is cleaner and brighter.   A side benefit is that it seems to keep the tweakers away (not that they’re up and about that early in the morning). Another is that it , like Next to The Park, has a better repertoire of characters.  I call them the Sunday Morning Players.

Aside from the usual group of rock-climbers and tourists visiting The Park, there’s the Professor, who’s on disability and holds court at the laundry. Big Al the 350-pound barber. The Bandito, a slight, nervous fellow who looks like an ex-con. Construction Chick, the butch older woman who smokes like a chimney and probably could beat the daylights out of any guy in town ( but still lets me open the door for her).

Then there’s Peace Lady, who wears longs dresses and flowery hats, and drives a compact festooned with stickers. Her mixed-Lab dog, whose general attitude seems to be “I’m in it for the room and board, man”. And Ludwig, the 70-plus year old guy who wears a bandanna on his head, taps on his hiking boots and sweatbands.    The Odd Couple (she, a heavyset, pretty African-American;  and her ‘friend’, a just as heavyset 30-ish white guy I call the Gamer).

And lastly, an assortment of retired Marines who settled in Next to The Park together for the solitude.

I’m gonna miss this place when I finally move.


Written by PappyBro

August 30, 2009 at 09:01

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