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Something in Morgan Freeberg’s recent post on the V.P. debates caught my eye:

You have a job to do, you do it. If something comes along that might mess up that job, you treat it as a certainty that it will.

And you do not, do not, do not, ever lead people by giving them sanctimonious and poorly-informed instructions that they shouldn’t be worried about something, that in reality, should worry the dickens out of ‘em. It’s a contrast between weak management and strong management. That’s what this election is really all about…

Our candidates for high office shouldn’t be selling us weak management with slick sales pitches, emotional connections, mosh pits and crocodile teeth. They shouldn’t even be tempted to mobilize a campaign like that. Yet they are not only tempted, but acting on it.

I’d substitute “leadership” for “management”.  Both wings of Congress managed the recent issue. What you didn’t see was leadership.

Even from John McCain.


Written by PappyBro

October 4, 2008 at 10:19

Posted in Politix

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