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A jury convicted Parviz Khan on Friday of aiding fighters in Pakistan and Afghanistan as an accomplice to a man who admitted plotting to kidnap and behead a Muslim soldier from the British army.  A jury on Friday found a fifth member of the group, Zahoor Iqbal, guilty of helping terrorists abroad. Prosecutor Nigel Rumfitt said the shipments included sophisticated electronic and other equipment like computer hard drives, range finders, night vision gear and surveillance detectors. Some of the material was sent out under the guise of earthquake relief to Pakistan. The prosecution said Iqbal helped Khan source the equipment from retailers in central England.

On one trip they visited a golf shop to look at a gadget golfers use to tell them how far they are from the hole. “It can also be used to tell you how far the head of a British soldier is from the end of your rifle,” Rumfitt said.


Written by PappyBro

February 18, 2008 at 10:23

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