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Networks do ‘Golf Art’? Hah.

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pebble-beach-by-caterwauler.jpgArticle by Lorne Rubenstein (courtesy Geoff Shackleford):

The PGA Tour is using three fascinating courses in California this week and next. This represents a perfect opportunity for the television networks to inform and entertain viewers about architecture. Viewers, though, are likely to starve, as usual, for such content.

“It’s perplexing to me why they neglect something that could be so interesting, especially with the medium, television, involved,” architecture critic Geoff Shackelford said yesterday from his home in Santa Monica, Calif.

“I do think things are getting better,” Shackelford said. “There hasn’t been much interest in architecture and course setup until the last five or six years. But more people behind the scenes in television know how to use the medium to enlighten viewers, although that hasn’t happened yet.”

Shackelford considers NBC the most architecture-aware network. He said that its long-time executive golf producer, Tommy Roy, has “a great vision about what looks good on television,” in terms of showing holes and how they play. The network could do more, he said, “but compared to a few years ago, the improvement is leaps and bounds.”

One has to wonder why networks don’t invite architects or various respected critics into the booth for some discussion…

“Architecture is an art form,” Shackelford said, “and people are starting to realize that. You can look at it, and you can also step into it and interact with it.”Golf telecasts need these insights. There’s more to golf than the score, and more to tournaments than players. There’s architecture. It’s time television mined this rich vein.

CBS? No way in hell. Why use up valuable air time when you can flog ‘CSI-Big Easy’ ? And who cares how the course is designed to play, when Tiger is out there?

As for the rest? Don’t hold your breath. It’ll never happen. Not until they tie up the marketers and leave them in the cart garage.


Written by PappyBro

February 9, 2008 at 09:23

Posted in Golf, Media

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