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What State am I in?

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Just returned from Casa Del Inlaws in the Great State of Hell With Saguaros (also known as ‘Arizona’). It was a week of enforced-togetherness; parties and dinners with in-law union-activists, left-wing academics, and Democrats of all stripes. And enforced inactivity (no golf). Which left me reading the Arizona Repugnant.

The main topic in yesterday’s rag was the Ensuing Economic Apocalypse, otherwise as the Arizona employer sanctions law. And this is the part that had me wondering what state I was in: the main opponents of the law are… Democrats.

For as long as I can remember, the illegal immigration crap-slingfest (I’m too honest to call it a debate) has always had Democrats saying that the illegal workers weren’t the bad guys; that the employers were the villains who needed to be taken to task. So a Republican lawmaker from Mesa crafted a bill and got other Republicans on board. The Governor, seeing that the voters wanted it and really liking her job, reluctantly signed it. It survived the first of what likely will be many court challenges, and goes in to effect in the new year.

And, for some reason, after demanding it be done all these many years, the Democrats aren’t happy. Oh, sure there’s others – the libertarians, the restaurant and farming industries, certain academics and economists, the Catholic Church, Hispanic ‘activists’, the Mexican government(s), and the usual suspects on the Left. But the Democrats seem to be the loudest in their alarm and displeasure. And the reason is politics.

The Democrats have a very good chance of taking control of the Arizona government this election cycle. The economy in the state is still moving along. There has been much ado about labor shortages and a ‘job surplus’. Even though there is a slowdown (partially caused by ‘undocumenteds’ leaving the state in advance of the law taking effect) the economy is still going. With the law taking effect, they are concerned that Arizona’s economy will really slow down.

No – make that ‘terrified’. With the possibility that the laissez les bons temps rouler economy will evaporate like a Phoenix puddle in August, newly elected Democrats would face budgetary problems, an angry group of political and financial backers, and a disgruntled electorate (whose legendary short-term memory they’d been quite happy to exploit before). Not exactly the best way to establish a Donkey-Dynasty, is it?

I don’t know what the law will do to the economy. Given empirical evidence, there will be a continuing slowdown. Employers and certain services are too attached to the illegal-immigrant teat; I suspect they’ll throw a tantrum and pull all sorts of stunts to show their displeasure. That there happens to be options, like forty-nine other states with recruit-able workers, hasn’t sunk in yet.

052387-firing-squad.gifThere has been one last side effect to the sanctions-law going into effect.

After years of portraying their opponents as mean-spirited, mouth breathing racist neanderthals (something the Repugnant has been very good at), the pro-illegals are now trying to “dialogue”; admitting that perhaps maybe there are ‘legitimate concerns’ about illegal immigration, and blathering about guest-worker programs, ‘nice approaches’ to immigration, et cetera.

Kinda funny in a way. Guess being up against the wall will do that.


Written by PappyBro

December 31, 2007 at 00:12

Posted in Media, Politix

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  1. We in San Diego have our own “employer sanctions are the way to go” asshol – Ruben Navarette – formerly of teh Dallas Morning News, now of teh UT. Once employer sanctions like AZ’s are in effect, he’ll decry them as “draconian” and harming the families. The rules don’t change, just the goal posts and criteria for “success”

    Frank G

    January 19, 2008 at 17:11

  2. despite the mispellings, I stand by my drivel. Employer sanctions ARE the way to go – dry up the jobs and the flood will dry to a trickle

    Frank G

    January 19, 2008 at 17:14

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