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Be NIcE: It’ll Drive Them Nuts

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consternation2.jpgconsternation – fear resulting from the awareness of danger

The bombshell that is the latest National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) is still reverberating. The Israelis are apoplectic. The Brits are clucking their tongues. The Arabs appear confused. The Iranian government is officially jubilant, but there’s also lots of confusion. Meanwhile, from Stratfor:

Diplomats from the United Kingdom, France and Germany said in Washington on Dec. 13 the European Union will impose its own sanctions against Iran if the U.N. Security Council fails to act or passes a weak resolution, the Jerusalem Post reported. The diplomats, speaking at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, said the recent U.S. intelligence assessment would hardly change European policy toward that country.

On the domestic side, the entire political spectrum, admittedly for various reasons, is at odds with the NIE. Its pronouncements have been parsed and analyzed; it authors have been called into question. Even the International Atomic Energy Commission (and its seeing-eye dogs) have a dispute with it. Aside from the New York Times, Mr. Ahmadinejad and few of his close friends, nobody likes what it says.

Which what may have been the intention.

I don’t know what the motivations of the NIE authors were when they produced the document. The Wall Street Journal has conjectures. So does, I gather, the New York Post. What I can speculate on is the reasons that the report was released.

A few posts back (‘Herding Persian Cats’), I noted a point the authors were trying to make:

The point of this article is ‘words and laws mean something to the rest of the world- especially Iran; the U.S. shouldn’t use them against Iran and its institutions if the intent and assets to back them up isn’t there’.

Even with the world’s emphasis on visual communication, words are still the currency of the international diplomatic community, the NGOs, governments and the media. It’s something instinctively and historically tangible. Words are the gold-standard.

People also expect to see certain actions and habits. Chavez ranting about imperialism, celebrities acting vacuous or outrageous, incompetence and corruption in governments and international organizations. And the Bush administration ‘playing cowboy’ with Iran.

What really followed the NIE’s release was jubilation by the usual suspects, followed by consternation, confusion, finger-pointing, parsing, outrage and a dozen other emotions by those who were more intelligent and less hobbled-by-agenda. It wasn’t what they were expecting, or rather it was what they would ‘like to have’ and were distressed at getting.

It was a ‘nice’ NIE. It has shocked them into doing some real thinking, even those on the Left.

It’s performance art at its highest level.


Written by PappyBro

December 16, 2007 at 13:13

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4 Responses

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  1. Huh.


    December 16, 2007 at 21:29

  2. One gets the impression of President Bush, practically prostrated with ennui, negligently flicking the hand not holding his tea cup and saying, “Send it to the New York Times. Let them deal with it.” Either that, or booted and spurred feet up on the desk as the rays of the setting sun highlight the fly on the far wall, beer mug in fist, practically leering in anticipation as he says exactly the same thing.

    trailing wife

    December 17, 2007 at 04:53

  3. You gotta wonder if the intelligence community is holding strategic intelligence to some sort of “Gold” standard in order to get it right, a standard far higher than the reports of Iraq’s strategic weapons program prior to its liberation.

    If so, you also gotta question whether such a standard would ignore the ravings of Iran’s president regarding nukes and their intention to make nuclear war against Israel once they have the bomb.

    Ultimately, the safe bet is that this particular conclusion is wrong and that Iran, especially in the face of its partnership with Russia, would not actually dare to stop a nuke program which would provide Russia with cash


    December 17, 2007 at 19:59

  4. ¿It’s performance art at its highest level?

    According to President Bush “New Intel” changed and shaped the latest NIE on Iran’s ‘Nukes’.

    In his own words, what Prez Bush said about the NIE

    Iran: According to President Bush, Iran is still the problem. Does the report make it easier for the President?

    I think so.

    Israel is obligated to destroy Iran’s Nuke ambitions by any means. Clearly they are clever enough to assemble all the military means needed to destroy Iran’s nuclear works.

    Why Israel?

    Because they have the Moral Right to destroy Iran’s entire nuclear weapons program and whatever nuclear power infrastructure gets destroyed in the process.

    And we have our hands full in A-stan and Iraq, besides we need less heat in that part of the World LOL~!

    Of course we should help* them like we just did in Syria, performance art at its best BTW, and a demonstration for quite a few bad actors in the ME and Africa.



    December 25, 2007 at 15:05

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