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From Rooz:

iran-gold.jpgAll the efforts of the managers of Iran’s Central Bank (CBI) to control the price of gold ‎and coins have failed to produce results. The price of these items has been growing so ‎rapidly in the Iranian market that many observers say the growth is at unprecedented ‎levels.‎.. Published media reports indicate that the concern that Iranians have because of ‎intensification of the nuclear confrontation between Iran and the rest of the world, the ‎meaningful trips that American officials have been recently making to the countries of ‎the Middle East region, and the heightening rhetoric between Iran and the West have ‎reached new levels. Such concerns are more apparent as the deadline for Javier Solana’s ‎report and that of the IAEA regarding Iran’s nuclear dossier approach their deadlines, in ‎November.

At the same time, the inability of the ‎Iranian market to absorb the large available capital in the national economy and the ‎meager impact of the sale of government bonds in controlling the rapid liquidity trend has ‎directed this available capital towards the gold and coin market in Iran. The trading of bonds in the market causes the flight of capital and thus shrinking the ‎liquidity market which translates into a complete failure of the government’s economic ‎policies and efforts to control inflation.‎ This trend and others such as the unstable price of oil in the international market, the ‎falling value of the Dollar, the growing tensions over Iran’s nuclear policy and the rising ‎value of the metals market in the world, including gold, make it likely that the price of ‎gold in Iran will continue to rise as rapidly as it has in the recent past…

Some thoughts come to mind:

There haven’t been official international sanctions yet (if ever),

Jimmy Carter ordered Iranian government assets in the U.S. frozen on November 14, 1979 and it’s been renewed annually since then,

The U.S. Treasury has obviously quite been quite persuasive with world banks,

Maybe that company that pushes gold should consider putting ads on Iranian radio?


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November 10, 2007 at 20:22

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