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Golf Balls for Soldiers

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shag1.gifFrom the Detroit Free Press, via Golfblogger:

The ambitious efforts of the wife of a Michigan serviceman will provide an unusually white Christmas this year for U.S. troops stationed in Iraq.The white stuff won’t be in the form of snowflakes, but rather golf balls — nearly 16,000 of them. For the past two months, Monica House, 35, of Highland has been on a mission to gather and ship the balls. She wants her husband, a passionate golfer, and other soldiers to be able to spend their leisure time honing their golf skills.

Monica House devised the plan after her husband, who was deployed to Iraq last May, received a box of golf balls from a friend.

“He was so excited,” she said. “You would have thought he was a kid in a candy store.”

Trouble is, the balls can often be used only once. Army regulations restrict soldiers from going into some areas where the balls are hit. So House decided to collect and send more balls to the troops in time for the holidays. Initially, her goal was to collect 1,500 by the end of October, but as word spread, several golf courses set up collection bins, and the project snowballed. House ended her collection efforts Wednesday with about 16,000 balls. She plans to send the gifts by U.S. Mail, and said the cost will approach $1,300.

“One way or another, I’ll get them over there,” she insisted, “but if I can get some help, I could sure use it.”

And from Golfblogger:

House has set up an account with National City Bank to take donations. Details are below:

To help with the cost of shipping golf balls to troops in Iraq, send a check or money order payable to Golf Balls for Soldiers to: National City Bank, 344 N. Main St., Milford 48381.

Or visit any local National City branch and make a cash donation to the fund. For more information, call the bank’s Milford branch at 248-684-1165.

Any amount that exceeds the cost of postage will be donated to the Fallen and Wounded Soldiers Fund, a nonprofit in Livonia staffed by volunteers that assists soldiers and their families.


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November 3, 2007 at 16:09

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  1. Hagel’s a worthless POS. Good riddance next year. If Fallon can’t prosecute a war against Iran, he should resign. We’ve actually been at war with Iran since the embassy takeover and the bombing of the Beirut Marines’ barracks

    Frank G

    November 4, 2007 at 07:35

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