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And the First “Up Against the Wall When the Time Comes” Award goes to….

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The twenty-something chick in the Mercedes SUV who, for twenty-odd miles on a back road:

a) drove 35 when there was a 45 mph speed limit and a double-line,

b) Floored it to 65 in the passing zones,

c) Sped up to cut off a car trying to leave a side road

d) Maintained a spirited conversation on her bluetooth headset, from the time we both turned off the main road until she took up two parking spaces at the ‘alternative’ coffee shop at the end of the journey (she still talking when she went in) and,

scion-promo.jpge) had prominently displayed, in the center of a dozen or so leftist bumper stickers (including an ‘Obama for President’) , a huge sticker:



Written by PappyBro

October 9, 2007 at 19:19

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  1. LOL Pappy – my parents were from Nevada (most family is still there). The usual saying is that you could tell a NV farmer: he’s the one doing 45 in the fast lane with his left turn signal on….of course, this was in the day before cell phones, so I’d add that 🙂

    Frank G

    October 11, 2007 at 18:03

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