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A flaw in the Iranian Diamond

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diamondbefore1.jpgFrom Strategypage: July 18, 2007: The Iranian government is losing control of its security forces and secret police. Islamic radicals increasingly refuse to obey orders from the top, claiming God has commanded them to do otherwise. The Islamic conservatives have remained in power by cultivating Islamic radicals in the security forces, men who were willing to fight to the death to keep an un-elected Islamic conservative government in power. But now the Islamic radicals are out of control, and bringing them to heel will threaten the ability of the Islamic conservatives to rule the country.

You give a bunch of religious fanatics training, you give them heavy weapons, and this is how they repay you. Go figure.

In any case, the Islamic conservatives have other self-inflicted problems to worry about…


Written by PappyBro

July 19, 2007 at 20:24

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